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Santa Clara Micro Center Store Closure

Ed Grochowski

Written 7-30-2012

Last week, the Santa Clara Micro Center went out of business.

Micro Center was one of my favorite brick-and-mortar computer retailers. Located on Mission College Boulevard, right up the street from Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, Micro Center was a great place to shop for computer items during one's lunch break.

A web search reveals that the Mercado shopping center was built in 1998. I remember going to Micro Center right after it opened. Micro Center carried a large selection of computer parts and accessories. I have bought quite a few cables, memory cards, optical disks, and printer cartridges there. My last purchase was a gigabit network switch about a year ago.

Undoubtedly, Micro Center had difficulty competing with the myriad of Fry's Electronics stores in the Bay Area, and with on-line merchants. I will miss Micro Center.