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String Art

Stringy is one of several graphics demos that I wrote for entertainment and has persisted throughout the years. It is a computer-generated version of the string art one likely made with yarn and cardboard in the first grade. Other than amuse, the program does not do anything useful.

Stringy 6


Years: 1981-1983
Language: BASIC
Size: 100 lines

An early string art program running under BASIC 5.1.

Stringy 7


Years: 1986-1991
Language: E language
Size: 100 lines

The same program rewritten in the E language and running under EDIX/Edwin.



Year: 1995
Language: C language
Size: 500 lines

This is the string art program rewritten in the C language and running under Windows. String art looks much better in color! Note the increase in code size. Most of the new code is due to the user interface.