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The GeniusWriter is my favorite text editor. I use it to create C source files, HTML files, and text files. All the HTML files on this website were created with the GeniusWriter. By the way, Genius refers to the computer on which I developed this editor, not the programmer.

The screen shots show each GeniusWriter editing its source code.

GeniusWriter 2.1


Years: 1983-1984
Language: Z80 assembly language
Size: 5K lines

The GeniusWriter 2.1 was my first full-screen editor. I used it to create assembly-language source files and text files. The GeniusWriter 2.1 worked but ran slowly when editing files larger than the computer's memory.

GeniusWriter 4


Years: 1986-1993
Language: E language
Size: 4K lines

The GeniusWriter 4 was a vastly improved editor compared to the previous version. It employed a clever data structure that performed insert and delete operations without moving bytes around in memory. The GeniusWriter 4 could edit large files with instantaneous response times. The GeniusWriter 4 evolved the algorithms, data structures, and command set on which the modern GeniusWriter is based.



Years: 1995-2001
Language: C language
Size: 11K lines

This is the Windows version of the GeniusWriter, a complete rewrite using the C language and Win32 API. The code has many new features and is significantly larger than its predecessors.